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Ontario, Canada Obituaries and Death Notices Collection

ONTARIO - Various - Miscellaneous Obituaries - 410

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Date: Sunday, 22 January 2017, at 8:10 p.m.

Wilbert Couturier - In Memoriam

COUTURIER, Wilbert - December 26, 2005. Always loved, Forever missed, Never forgotten. - Miss you friend, Richard and Maureen.
COUTURIER, Wilbert - In loving memory of my husband who passed away Dec. 26, 2005. When I look back upon our lives together, One thing that makes me glad, That you chose me to share with you, The precious years we had. - Always loved, remembered and missed, your wife Karen.
COUTURIER, Wilbert - In memory of a special dad, grandfather, and poppy who left us Dec. 26, 2005. To us you were so special, What more is there to say, Except to wish with all our hearts, That you were here today. - Missing you always, your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Albert Garofalo - In Memoriam

GAROFALO, Albert - In loving memory of a dear father and Nanu, who passed December 25, 2003. His smiling way and pleasant face Are a pleasure to recall, He had a kindly word for each And died beloved by all. Some day we hope to meet him, Some day we know not when To clasp his hand in the better land, Never to part again. - Always remembered by Tony, Patti, Anthony and Alyssa.
GAROFALO, Albert - In loving memory of a dear father and grandfather who passed away December 25, 2003. Your presence is ever near us, Your love remains with us yet, You were the kind of father Your children will never forget. - Lovingly remembered by Connie, Salvatore, Patrick and Kristina.
GAROFALO, Albert - To my husband, December 25th, 2003. Four years have gone by, I try so hard to hide my tears, For no one really knows, How much sadness I feel inside. - Love your wife Maria.
GAROFALO, Albert - To our Dad and Grandpa. They say time heals all wounds, But as time goes by the wound gets larger. We miss you so much. - Love Anna, Lio, Tianna and Cassandra.

Margaret Gilmour - In Memoriam

GILMOUR, Margaret - Christmas was a special time, For this mom of four. She truly treasured holidays, We couldn't ask for more. We always woke to wonder, Presents, treats and toys. Too young to know the sacrifice She'd made to bring that joy. Hard work finally made her slow, She fought to hang on, 'Til Christmas Eve 10 years ago, She quietly passed on. That left behind a legacy of Christmas's each year. Instead of sorrow at her leaving, We hold Christmas very dear. The memories she left behind, The way she showed she cared. This is her eternal gift, The traditions that we share. - In loving memory of our Mom, Maggie Ralph (Brent), Mary Ann Christie (Dave), Elizabeth Turner (Bob), Jacquie Gilmour.

Margery Mary Ingram - In Memoriam

INGRAM, Margery Mary - 1931 - 1999. Died 3:30 a.m. December 24th. The wound of death heals, but it leaves a permanent scar. - Ever mourned by husband Brian, son Paul with Bunnie, daughter Katharine (Kay) Clement, grandsons Chris and Adam, sister Josephine with Kenneth (Hobbs) in England. A beloved light too soon extinguished.

CAICCO, John and Eda - In Memoriam

John Caicco - November 12, 1999 - Eda Caicco - December 26, 2006 This Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus we remember Eda and John. We miss them so much but are comforted to know they are resting in the presence of our Lord. Isaiah 9:6 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. We love you and know that you are with us everyday. We pray for the day we are all together again. Thank you for the love you shared with your family and friends. -Patrick, Marlene, Roberto, Julianna, and Benjamin.

Gerry Matthews - In Memoriam

MATTHEWS, Gerry - In loving memory of Gerry who passed away Dec. 25, 2003. Loving memories never die, As years roll on and days pass by, In my heart a memory is kept, Of the love we had and will never forget. - Always in my heart, Matilda.

Ryker Daniel Venn - In Memoriam

VENN, Ryker Daniel - December 23, 2002 - December 24, 2002 We cannot hold his little hand, Or hear his little voice, Still his memory lingers on. - Love, Mom, Dad, Heather and Camille.
VENN, Ryker Daniel - In loving memory of our precious grandson and nephew, who passed away Dec. 24, 2002. Sometimes I sit in silence, And I'll softly speak your name. I ask dear God to hold you in His loving arms Until we meet again. - Forever loved & missed, Nono and Nona Peter & Tracy Cornacchio, Auntie Tiffany, Auntie Angelica.

Billy Williams - In Memoriam

WILLIAMS, Billy - In loving memory of a dear husband and father, who passed away December 24, 2003. Till memory fades and life departs, You live forever in our hearts. - Lovingly remembered, Karen, Lindsay and Holly.

Judy Edwards - In Memoriam

EDWARDS, Judy - In loving memory of my wife and best friend, Judy Edwards, who passed December 24, 2005. My heart still aches in sadness And secret tears still flow For what it meant to lose you No one will ever know. Each time I see your photo, You seem to smile and say Don''t cry, I''m only sleeping We''ll meet again someday. Loving and missing you every day Jim xoxo
EDWARDS, Judy - In loving memory of a dear mother, Judy Edwards, who passed December 24, 2005. There is a bridge of memories From here to heaven above, That keeps you very close to us, It''s called the bridge of love. As time goes by without you, And the months turn into years, They hold a billion memories, And a million tears. To us you were so special, What more is there to say? Except we wish with all our hearts That you were here today. The tears in our eyes we can wipe away But the ache in our hearts will forever stay. Deeply missed by Jim Jr., Joe, Jason and families.

James Ernie - In Memoriam

ERNIE, James Davidson ' December 29th, 2006 My First Christmas in Heaven I see the countless Christmas Trees Around the world below With tiny lights, like heaven''s stars, Reflecting on the snow. The sight is spectacular, Please wipe away that tear For I am spending Christmas With Jesus Christ this year. I hear the many Christmas songs, That people hold so dear, But the sounds of music can''t compare With the Christmas Choir up here. I have no words to tell you, The joy their voices bring, For it is beyond description To hear the angels sing. I know how much you miss me, I see the pain inside your heart, But I am not so far away, We really aren''t apart. So be happy for me dear ones, You know I hold you dear, And be glad I''m spending Christmas With Jesus Christ this year. I send you each a special gift From my heavenly home above, I send you each a memory Of my dieing love. After all "Love" is the gift, More precious than pure gold, It was always most important, In the stories Jesus told. Please love and keep each other As my father said to do, For I can''t count the blessings Or the love He has for each of you. So have a Merry Christmas And wipe away the tears, Remember I''m spending Christmas With Jesus Christ this year. You were my life and my greatest treasure, Loving you was the easiest thing I''ve ever done in my life, Losing you was the hardest. Always on my mind, Forever in my heart, Chris

Stanley Locovitch - In Memoriam

LOCOVITCH, Stanley John In loving memory of our dear father, grandfather and great grandfather who passed away December 25th, 1990. He had a nature You could not help loving And a heart That was purer than gold, And to those who knew him And loved him, His memory will never grow cold. He bade no one a last farewell, He said good-bye to none; The heavenly gates were opened wide A loving Voice said "Come". Forever missed by daughters Sandy, Judi and Debi, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
LOCOVITCH, Stanley John In loving memory of my dear husband and best friend who passed away December 25th, 1990. My lips cannot speak how I miss you, My heart cannot tell what to say, God only knows how I miss you In our home that is lonesome today. Always remembered and sadly missed by your loving wife Dorothy.

Jane Singleton - In Memoriam

SINGLETON, Jane In loving memory of a dear wife and sister, Jane, who passed away four years ago today, December 21st, 2003. Our thoughts are ever with you, Though you have passed away; And those who loved you dearly Are thinking of you today. Sadly missed and lovingly remembered by brothers Elmer & Bud and sisters-in-law Rose Anne & Moon.

P. Jean Ripley - In Memoriam

RIPLEY, P. Jean - Today would have been your 86th birthday. Presents were bought, Plans were being made. Then that tragic accident happened, And it took you away. Jean, you left with two points, Only your close friends and family would know what this means. My safe tears are working overtime. I miss and love you a lot. ~ Janice Payne & family.

Olga and Glen Wellman - In Memoriam

WELLMAN, Olga and Glen - In loving memory of Olga, December 1, 1997 and Glen, December 26, 2001. It''s been a few years since we''ve seen you smile, Felt your touch and talked awhile. We feel your presence everyday The love we feel for both of you will never fade. Love the Wellman Family

Ernie Leveille - In Memoriam

LEVEILLE, Ernie - Within our hearts we always keep A special place for you. We try to do our best to live As you would want us to. As we loved you, so we miss you, In our memory you are near, Loved, remembered, longed for always With the passing of each year, We gather together this Christmas eve, We will share together the Love that we receive, As our Father, this special gift, of Love, We know you will enjoy from heaven up above. Merry Christmas Dad Love You More, Marg, Bill, Tom, Jim, Jo-Anne, Lisa, Ruth.

Max Tasker - In Memoriam

TASKER, Max Merry Christmas Dad More then the tree or the decking of the halls, More than the music and mobs at the malls, More than the feasts that are planned and prepared, The family stories remembered and shared. More than the lights that will soon disappear, The manger and the star that will be stored till next year, More than these things which all play a small part, Christmas is love that lives on in each heart. You''ll be forever in our hearts, Love Ellen, The Girls & Families

William G. & Alice Stiles - In Memoriam

STILES, William G. and Alice -In loving memory of our parents, grandparents & great grandparents. Bill passed away April 10, 1985 Alice passed away December 24, 1999 Always remembered & never forgotten Love Janice & David, Chris & Michelle, Collin & Kelly Joshua, Sydney, Brendyn, Lexi and Katie


In loving memory of a very special son and brother November 14, 1988 - November 16, 2005 Remembering You at Christmas! Christmas is a time of year When family and friends gather near Present giving, meals to share One thing missing, you''re not there. It will be our 3rd Christmas without you here It hasn''t been the same since you left us dear Our dear sweet Jeff, how we miss you so The hardest thing, was to let you go. Heaven is your home now And joy is all you know What more can parents ask for For a child they loved so... JEFFREY, YOU are always with us, for YOU are the BEAT of OUR HEARTS! Loving and missing you so much, Dad, Mom, Jennifer and Jeremy xoxoxoxo

MARTIN, Lionel and Diane - In Memoriam

Lionel & Diane Martin Remembering our loving parents and grandparents Lionel November 4, 1942 - May 22, 2004 & Diane February 19, 1944 - April 19, 2003 A Christmas Prayer Thank you Lord for having Blessed us with such wonderful parents and grandparents. For the faith they shared has taught us how to live And that spirit of giving and unconditional love is what matters most. Wishing we could be together, like we always are at heart Loving and miss you Lis, Gabe, Levi, Noah, Sara, Anna Shelley, Dave, Carley, Connor, Caleb Pam, Roland, Jennifer, Jeremy and always Jeffrey ✟ xoxoxox

Rhoda and Earl Vivian - In Memoriam

VIVIAN, Rhoda and Earl - We have so many memories From here to heaven above, That keeps you both very close to us, It''s a special kind of love. As time goes by without you, When the months turn into years, We hold a billion memories And a billion tears. To us you both were special, What more is there to say? Except we wish with all our hearts, That you were here today. Love always and forever, Your Children & Grandchildren.

Joseph Richardson - In Memoriam

RICHARDSON, Joseph - In loving memory of a dear father and grandfather, who passed away on December 25, 1993. As sudden as early morn, God''s angels came from Heaven And took my dad away. Dad, I think about you every day, Your smile I always see. I''m so proud to be your daughter, With so much of you in me. The time we spent together, dad, And all the things we shared, Has left me with good memories Of knowing that you cared. Before I go to sleep at night, I pray to God above, "Please hug my precious father, and give him all my love." ˜ Forever remembered Josie & kids

Roy Canning Wilbert - In Memoriam

WILBERT, Roy Canning - May 16th, 1930 - December 26th, 1994 In loving memory of a dear husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. God took him home, it was His will, But in our hearts we love him still; His memory is as dear today As in the hour he passed away. We often sit and think of him When we are all alone, For memory is the only friend That grief can call its own. Lovingly remembered by Joyce, Terry, David, Laurie, Robert, Brian, Nancy and Rosemary.

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